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1-2 Hour Scheduled Classes


Intro to 3D printing

-Learn the basics of 3D design using

-Learn what is and how to “slice” your file

-Learn how to prep your printer and print the piece you designed

Intro to woodworking —
6-pack Carrier

-Learn to join and assemble pre-cut pieces

-Learn to sand and stain wooden gifts

-Learn edge-banding plywood

-Learn heat-press vinyl appliqué or masked painting

Intro to Home Automation w/ Zigbee, Zwave, Mesh, and not Wifi

-Learn how to secure your network and connected devices

-Learn how to set up a mesh with repeaters

-Learn cloud-to-cloud connections

-Learn how to connect “unapproved” less-expensive devices

-Learn IFTTT and back-end integrations with Arduino-based devices


intro to Raspberry Pi — “Picade” MAME Arcade

-Learn what a Raspberry Pi is, and how it works

-Learn how to flash software and install programs

-Learn how to update files and meta data

-Learn how to add USB controllers and games

Intro to Arduino and Microcontrollers — “Blinky Desk Lamp”

-Learn how to program basic logic using IDE software

-Learn how to use relays for higher-voltage applications

-Learn how to use inputs, logic, and outputs

-Learn “If This, Then That.”


Intro to Sewing — Nerdy Dice bags or snack bags

-Learn basic sewing techniques

-Learn to thread a machine and bobbin

-Learn to measure and cut fabric without a pattern

-Learn to box corners and make 2-sided objects

-Learn how to add lapels and draw strings



Drop-in Classes and Workshops


LAser-cut earrings

-Assemble laser-cut acrylic or wood earrings

-Stain to change colors of the wood

-Design your own and cut them on the laser cutter

basic woodworking assembly projects

-Assemble, sand, and stain a:

  • 6-pack beer bottle carrier

  • Wine glass and bottle holder “yard stand”

SCratch and Makercode projects

-Learn coding using web-based block code apps

-Learn basic micro-controllers and “If This, Then That” logic coding.