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What I am all about

I Make Makers and Maker Tools

I kind of wish there was there were maker classes growing up. I would have been valedictorian of shop, or maybe voted “Most likely to make a maker”

Now, I get to help the this generation of makers by helping you build the best makerspace with the funds and options you have. I am here to save you the money I have wasted on the wrong tools, and give your students and school a leg up by knowing what tools, supplies and projects to invest in, and which to avoid.


TinkerIT design

All estimates are free and flexible according to materials and scheduling.

So, You Want to Build an Educational Makerspace, and do not know what tools and products to buy?

Make the most out of your donors’ contribution for your new MakerED or Library Makerspace. Let me guide you through this new endeavor with my decade of knowledge as a maker and educator.

From beginning to end, I will work with your architects and GC to get the right infrastructure, purchasing to order the equipment, your IT to set up the machines, your instructors to understand the tools, and your students to get started right away.

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As this site grows, I will update it with equipment reviews, suggested consumable items, links to awesome projects, training videos for your students and maker, and lots of other surprise items the maker world has yet to see.

Some of the items coming soon are: An ebook with tiered recommendations of equipment, software, consumables, and projects for categories such as 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC mills like the X-carve, vinyl cutters, foam cutters, Arduino micro-controllers and Raspberry Pi computers.

All your makerspace needs in one place.


In-Person Workshops

“It’s not a class, its a workshop”

Not only do we design makerspaces in Charlotte, NC, but we also make makers with introductory workshops. Learn to weld, learn to sew, learn to 3D print and 3D design, learn introductory Arduino and Raspberry Pi programming, and more to improve your skills as a maker and well-rounded DIY crafter.

Also available are video production classes in Matthews, NC and Indian trail. Learn how to use your DSLR camera or how to edit with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effect, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more with in-person workshops and classes.


LEarn to Weld Workshop

MIG welding is like working a hot glue gun. I run a workshop to learn the basics of MIG welding in under two hours. The workshop to learn welding is in Indian Trail, NC and usually by appointment only.

Attendees of the Learn to MIG Weld workshop take home a custom creation whether it be a desk name plate, robot out of bolts, or something else from your imagination.

dice bags2.jpg

Learn to Sew Workshop 2: Dice Bags

Learning to sew is a fun, and easy activity to get into crafts, or to make useful storage items. In the second learn to sew workshop in Indian Trail, NC, we learn to make dice bags out of fun fabrics I keep in stock.

Attendees who are learning to sew get to take home a custom dice bag with fabrics from Star Wars, Nintendo, DC Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Marvel, and more. Learning to sew only takes about one to two hours.

laser earrings.jpg

Learn to Laser Cut with Vector Graphics

A Laser engraver can be used to cut acrylic, wood, cardboard, and various materials using raster and vector graphics. In the Learn to Laser Cut workshop we learn Adobe Illustrator simple steps to create vector graphics to feed into a laser cutter and make custom jewelry and art.

Attendees take home a pair of custom designed earrings, a necklace, a keychain, or maybe a custom storage container.


I never knew I could do it



You will be encouraged, ready, excited.

I know what I know, and I know what I don’t know. And I will tell you when I do not know something. The best part, I know tons of people in the community, and will find you everything you need.


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About Me

MY NAME IS Joseph. I am a maker

I have been a member of eight adult makerspaces; three of which were from the ground up into self-sustaining Community Workshops. Educators would come to me and ask how to build a library makerspace or a MakerEd classroom, but would be overloaded with information. So, I started to organize it for them in a consultant’s report.

After supporting the local makers for years, I have now moved on to catching makers coming in the next generation, while they have the time and resources to fulfill their dreams, their dreams to change the world.