Learn How to weld

MIG welding is like a hot glue gun on steroids. Learn to weld workshops are $50 per person and will run about 2 hours. By the end, you will have the basic skills to join two pieces of metal to expand your DIY and crafting skills. Schedule a welding class in Indian Trail or welding workshop in Charlotte, NC today.

dice bags

Learn How to Sew

Sewing used to be a staple of society, and it got lost along the way. Learning to sew is simple. Most everything is a running stitch and a lock-stitch. Once you get the simple tasks down of loading a bobbin, you will be making your own clothes in no time.


Learn How to 3D Design and Print

If you are new to the maker community, it might be daunting to get started. The first tool of any makerspace is the 3D printer, but what is a slicer, what file do I use, how do I design something to print? Don’t worry, I have you covered.